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Global Benefits Leadership Award

The Global Benefits Association in conjunction with the Global Benefits Magazine will be awarding a select group of individuals whose achievements have enhanced and brought innovation to the Global Benefits and International Benefits Industry, which has contributed to the growth of ensuring international benefits for employees, expatriates and individuals living, working or  traveling globally. This award will be presented at the 3rd annual Global Benefits Conference™ held in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami, October 24-26, 2012.

This award recognizes a leader in the industry for providing an exemplary program or innovation consistent with the vision of the Global Benefits Association’s and Global Benefits Magazine’s goal of education by engaging others, promote proven strategies and insurance packages, and advocate for the needs of  their employees in multinational offices and expatriates. The award is to honor an individual whose professional accomplishments embody such qualities that drive this industry forward.

Benefits of the award will include:                                                                                                     

  • Receiving a Leadership Award at the Global Benefits Conference™
  • Global Benefits Magazine Feature:  If recipient of the award agrees they will be featured in the magazine as a leader and the GBM will include an interview of the recipient in the featured piece in the magazine
  • A Global Benefits Leadership Award logo to put on a company website or personal profile
  • Award winners will be publicized in conference materials and will be given a ribbon for their name badge increasing networking possibilities with other attendees

Nominations can be made on the Global Benefits Conference™ website. Nominees will be reviewed by the Global Benefits Association. The award must be accepted by the person receiving it at the conference.

Who may be nominated
All individuals that have proven to have success in the growth
of ensuring international benefits for employees, expatriates and individuals living, working or traveling globally.

How to nominate an Individual for the
Global Benefits Leadership Award

Simply complete the survey here!

Deadline for 2012 Nominations
Call for Nominations ends September 20th.

For any questions or information about the Global Benefits Leadership Awards please contact us at: